KONJI NO GOOD O! Barber Caught In Bush While He Was Having Sex With A Goat

The police operatives of Zambia have arrested a 22- year- old man identified as Chendela Dauti after he was accused of having s3xual intercourse with a goat inside the forest.

Based on the report gathered by the newsmen, the suspect who is said to be a barber was caught red- handed where he was raping a goat that the owner had been looking for after going missing in the neighborhood.

While speaking with the police, a peasant farmer identified as Kunda John revealed that he was the one who caught the suspect in the act. He explained that he got an idea of the incident when he was heading to his field in the company of his two sisters- in- law in the early hour of Saturday, 17th of December 2022.

He added that when he was passing through a particular area, he began to hear some strange noise emanating from a shrub that is very close by. He decided to go back to the area and pay close attention to the voice, and that’ s when he discovered that there was a man in the area having s3xual int3rcourse with a goat.

While reacting to the incident, Mweemba Peacewell who happens to be the Copperbelt commanding officer revealed that they received a report from a man saying when he was going through a narrow road, he was hearing a strange noise coming out of a shrub which prompted him to pay more attention. He traced the voice to the location and caught the suspect where he was bending and having sex with the goat.

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