Lady Narrates How Mother Of 3 Discovered That Her Husband Was A Ghost

Many residents have been left in great shock after a mother of three narrated how she finds out that the man he got married to had died 2 years before they became a couple.

A Twitter user with the handle @peace_igho disclosed the story of how her neighbor later discovered that the man she called her husband was a ghost.

While narrating the story on Twitter, the user revealed that the woman learned some unbelievable history about the life of her husband when she visited his hometown.

According to the story which reads; ” A woman is living in my neighborhood that just found out that the man he got married to was a ghost. God has blessed them with three children. The woman revealed that the man impregnated her while they were dating. The two lovers later packed into my neighborhood.

” After they moved into my area, the man acquired a piece of land and build a house. We heard from some of their neighbors that the man doesn’ t interact with anybody except his relatives. He usually walks alone all the time.

” After they already have three children, the woman began to insist on meeting his family. He told her that her family lives in his hometown and that he would take her to them so they can meet. He handed her a huge sum of money that she would use to purchase the things they would take to his family. “

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