Lady Snatches The Husband Of A Married Woman Who Gave Her A Place To Stay When She Was Homeless

An ungrateful lady from Ghana that stays in the streets of the United Kingdom has been accused of betraying her friend that helped her get a place to sleep. The shameless woman has allegedly stolen the husband of the married woman after what she did for her.

The shameless lady, who goes by the name of Joyce Aninagyei had traveled to the United Kingdom to go and find a job as a restaurant cleaner. However, when she arrived, she didn’ t find any place to sleep so she started sleeping at the roadside. So one day, she decided to reach out to one of her relatives in Ghana to help her if she knows anybody who stays in the United Kingdom for the person to give her a place to sleep.

So her friend in Ghana knew another friend who had a relative in the United Kingdom. So she gave her contact number to her.

So the homeless lady called the other woman in the United Kingdom and told her that she was struggling and didn’ t have a place to sleep. So the good Samaritan offered her a room in her house to sleep in the meantime. She even borrowed $8, 000 to buy some new clothes and even she introduced her to her husband.

Unfortunately, when after she introduced her to her husband. The homeless lady started having a secret affair with him. Since they were all living in the same house abroad. She started having sèx with her husband for more than 2 months.

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