Leave The Marriage The Day Your Partner Hits You – Actor Jnr Pope Advises

Popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, has urged married couples to end their marriages the day their spouses touch them in an abusive manner.

Junior Pope issued this statement following the report about the passing of business magnate IVD’s wife, Bimbo, the

In response to the ongoing drama with IVD and his deceased wife, Junior Pope revealed that he does not endorse domestic violence. Why a woman would choose to remain in an abusive marriage was a mystery to him.

In his words, “Leave all the preachings from people and the church and know this one truth……. The marriage ends the moment anyone puts a finger on the other…… I for one will never ever support Domestic Violence…….

My dear sisters know this and know peace ….. while reading and watching all these dramas that have taken a life, I could not help but wonder and ponder at what point does it aggravate to this and why would anyone want to stay in a marriage that will probably take his or her life due to consistent beating/ punching, etc……

This one pain me cause leaving/ getting a divorce would have solved this….. And both parties would live separately happily ever after…..But that is no longer possible cause she is no more….. How many more would have to go this way before my dear sisters will have sense?????”.

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