Letter to FRSC acting corps marshal

Letter to FRSC acting corps marshal

I would like to, first of all,
 congratulate you (Mr. Dauda Biu)
 on your recent well-deserved new
 appointment as the acting Corps
 Marshal of the Federal Road Safety
 Corps (FRSC).
 We wish you the best as you take up 
the top position of the life-saving task 
and we are hopeful that you will come up
 with new policies to minimise frequent 
collisions on Nigeria’s roads and highways.
 Sir, as a concerned citizen, I wish to
 bring a very serious problem afflicting 
the FRSC, RS12:11 Azare Unit Command, 
located at Gadau road of Katagum local government area of Bauchi state, 
to your notice. 
Being situated near Maiduguri-Kano highway where tragic accidents
 have become recurring decimal, this FRSC Unit Command is in
 desperate need of a new patrol vehicle since one there has already
 gone far beyond its life expectancy as it was given to the Unit Command since 2003.
 So, their patrol car is now 20 year old and it is well known 
that the average lifespan of a car is said to be virtually three years. Sir, I want to tell you that this old patrol car of the
 FRSC RS12:11 Azare Unit Command is responsible for controlling five local government areas in Bauchi North.
 They include Zaki, Gamawa, Itas-Gadau, Jama’are and Katagum.
 But it is unfortunate that due to the bad condition of the patrol 
vehicle, it is incapable of reaching those aforementioned five local government areas since it is totally out of whack. 
It is apparent that the responsibility of evacuating casualties, ensuring road safety and offering emergency medical services 
for accident victims before taking them to A&E wards has been placed on your commission’s shoulders.
 But unfortunately, this life-saving task is now giving FRSC’s personnel of this unit a serious headache because of their 
sick-and-tired patrol car. Sir, permit me to remind you that more than ever before, provision of a new patrol vehicle,
 including emergency ambulance for this FRSC Unit Command cannot be overemphasised towards giving appropriate care for
 accident victims as reckless driving by road users, more especially during heavy rainfall increases the number of
 fatal crashes on our roads and highways.
 Besides, it is very important to provide this FRSC Unit Command with emergency ambulance along with paramedical 
professionals in order to put lives of those accident victims who lost their heart functions, breathings and consciousness
 out of jeopardy via one of the three types of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This CPR will definitely rescue comatose
 casualties out of the jaws of death. In fact sir, people of the abovementioned five local government areas cast aspersions
 on the FRSC personnel of this Unit Command on account of either their incapability of attending accident place or their delay.
 These people are unfortunately unjust for our brave FRSC’s personnel looking into the very serious problem of their patrol car 
which is also used for evacuating injured persons. Ultimately, on behalf of the entire people of Bauchi North, including the
 FRSC RS12:11 Azare Unit Command, I appeal to the acting Corps Marshal of the FRSC, Mr. Dauda Biu, to help provide our region
 with a new patrol vehicle and an emergency ambulance in order to offer an opportunity for our FRSC brave personnel to continue 
to embrace their life-saving task tightly.

Mustapha Baba Azare,

Alkali Musa Street, Azare,

Bauchi state


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