LIV Golf rebels Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka rage at world ranking points rejection

LIV Golf rebels Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka rage at world ranking points rejection

Rivals Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka

may not have always seen eye to eye on the golf course, but do agree that the Official World Golf Ranking need to make a decision over whether to award LIV Golf members ranking points.

On Wednesday the Saudi-back series struck up a ‘strategic alliance’ with the lesser known MENA Tour in order to qualify for ranking points ahead of their event in Bangkok this weekend.

In response the OWGR released a statement on Thursday

confirming that the application for ranking points in Bangkok and Jeddah later this month had been rejected, and was subject to an investigation.

Former US Open winner DeChambeau finished a tie for eighth in the last LIV Golf event in Chicago last month but received no ranking points for his result, but did get hit in the eye by a course marking rope

. The American was fourth in the World Rankings last year but after joining the LIV Golf

series has now dropped to 48th and risks missing qualification for next year’s major tournaments.

“They’re delaying the inevitable,” he said talking about the OWRG.

“We’ve (LIV Golf) hit every mark in their criteria, so for us not to get points is kind of crazy. I believe we have the top players in the world. Not all of them, but we certainly believe that there’s enough that are in the top 50. We deserve to be getting world ranking points.

Bryson DeChambeau says not giving LIV Golf events World Ranking points is “crazy”

“When they keep holding it back, they’re going to just keep playing a waiting game where we’re going to keep dropping down in the rankings to where our points won’t ever matter.

“That’s what they’re trying to accomplish, and I hope that people can see right through that rather than believe the lies that they’ve been told. From my perspective, I think we deserve points.”

Brooks Koepka has accused the Official World Golf Rankings of “sitting on the fence” in the LIV Golf row

Four-time major winner Koepka has previously been involved in a spat with DeChambeau after accusing his fellow American of slow playing. However, with former world number one Koepka dropping to number 32 he says that the OWRG need to make a decision over their ranking points and stop ‘sitting on the fence’ in the PGA Tour and LIV Golf row.

“I don’t think it really was much of a response,” said Koepka. “I just hate when you sit on the fence. Just pick a side. If it’s yes or no, just pick one. So I’m not a big fan of that.

“Yeah, not to say something to where it’s not really an answer and we’ll think about it. Just pick a side. If it’s yes, if it’s no, it’s fine, we’ll figure it out from there.”

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