LOVE IS SWEET! University Student Sells His Kidney To Buy An Iphone 14 For His Girlfriend

A young Nigerian student around the age of 21 years has reportedly sold and removed one of his kidneys to buy a brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max for his girlfriend. The phone which costs over $1500 online was just released last 2 weeks so he decided to sell one of his kidneys to get money to buy it as a gift for his beloved girlfriend.

The boy who goes by the name of David Imeke is a University student at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). According to some nearby sources, the student is very in love with his girlfriend, so he was willing to do anything just to make sure she is always happy.

According to David, he said ever since the brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max was released last week, his girlfriend couldn’ t stop talking about it. He said his girlfriend was using an iPhone 12 before but she wasn’ t very about it because she wanted to get the latest one.

Since he didn’ t have any money on him, he saw a black market hospital on the internet that was offering up to $2, 000 if you sell them your kidney. He said at first he was scared but he knew he had to do it to make his girlfriend happy. So he secretly called the hospital line and met up with one of the doctors. They put him on anesthesia and operated on him where they removed one of his kidneys. After they were done, they gave him $2,000 as payment.

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