MAD O! Korra Obidi Hits The Streets Of Lagos In SKIMPY School Uniform, Nigerians Reacts [Video]

Korra Obidi, a controversial Nigerian dancer and singer, has ignited a discussion on social media after posting a video of a run- in with some random guys on the streets of Lagos, as they shoot their shots at her.

The single mother of two, who just moved to Nigeria, has been giving out content nonstop, from salon visits to a recent stop by her alma mater, Command Day Secondary School in Ikeja, Lagos.

Recent footage was taken showing Korra walking through the streets of Lagos buying fruit from vendors while wearing her revealing CDSS uniform.

She was contacted by a few curious men who were attracted to her sexy attire and started a fascinating chat with her.

The singer was being ministered to by the fruit vendors when a man was seen groping her. While her companion was filming the amusing scenes, Korra, who appeared annoyed by the constant caressing, urged him to stop playfully.

Watch the full video below;

After the video went viral, here are the reactions from Nigerians;

@tevezony wrote;

” Can she ever dress without wearing Skippy things? Heaven is far from you my dear. ”

@princess_value wrote;

” I don’ t understand why some People still ask ” sorry what’ s your name” like you don’ t know big korra before you approach her huh😂 when big Korra to the world 🌎 🔥”

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