Mad Woman Gives Birth To Twins That Resemble A Man In The Town

A mad woman who goes by the nickname of Iya Kamo has reportedly given birth to a bouncing baby boy and girl on Saturday, October 3, 2022, at the Federal Teaching Hospital in Ekiti State. The mad woman was reportedly pregnant for quite some time now and while many people were speculating that she was raped by a Sakawa boy for ritual purposes, she has finally given birth.

One doctor who works at the hospital stated to the public that the lady is currently doing fine and her new babies are very healthy.

According to the residents of the community, they claim that Iya Kamo used to always walk around the town before she was pregnant. After the residents noticed that she was pregnant, they quickly rushed her to the hospital for her to receive proper prenatal care and attention. This is because as a pregnant woman, you must stare away from some damaging activities that could hurt your baby.

The Administrator of the Ido- Osi Neighborhood Government Hospital, Dr. Sola Ogunsina, praised the administration and staff of the emergency clinic for dealing with ‘ Iya Kamo’ and her infant twins.

The police report that he gave cash to help with the requirements of moms and infants. He likewise encouraged individual Nigerians to stretch out a hand of help to ‘ Iya Kamo’ and her twins.

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