Man Tells How His Dad Got Him Arrested After He Threatened To Kill Him 4 Years Ago

A man around the age of 40 years has recently explained in a heartbreaking interview with Yen News how his very own father got him arrested after he jokingly threatened to kill him just 4 years ago. According to the man, he claims he is the last born child of his parent’ 4 children. He said he went to school but unfortunately dropped out due to financial problems.

According to Yen News, the man said his parents got money and told him to return to school yet he didn’ t pay attention to their recommendation. He started going out with his companions and he even started drinking Akpeteshi, however, his parents were disturbed by his bad habit. The man claims he started working with his uncle at the market two years. One of his relatives who is situated in France sent him cash to lay out his own business.

His dad took the cash from him guaranteeing that he won’ t involve in any business yet will abuse it. The man said he got smashed one day and went took steps to kill his dad if he doesn’ t give the cash to him.

His dad became panicked and got him captured and was remanded for quite some time. He was then shipped off the court and was condemned to 4 years of detainment for taking steps to kill his dad. The man added that he was shipped off Kumasi Focal Jail.

He was astonished about the complete number of detainees being kept in the cells. He turned out to be so miserable about how he wound up in jail, he lamented compromising his dad as such. After two months, he was moved to Yendi jail to use whatever is left of his prison sentence.

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