Man Tells Why He Has Regretted Smoking Marijuana And Taking In Cocaine After He Completed School

A young man has received shared a sad and inspiring story about why she stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol. The young claims that weed has destroyed his whole life. He said he started smoking when he was in primary 4. He said his friends were the ones who introduced him to this lifestyle. He said he sometimes smokes up to 4 cigarettes per class 4 when school closes. However, because of how he became a drug addict, he later dropped out of school.

He said sometimes he even puts cocaine in his food. The man claims he felt significantly better in the wake of eating that dish, so he holds visiting these companions and offers everything together. On one occasion they trained him to partake in weed and he was unable to stop it. Even though he went to secondary school and kept on partaking in weed however his folks knew nothing about his vice.

The young fellow said that he became quiet and could zero in on his examinations at school this while. Sadly his dad died in his second year of college and he needed to exit school because he failed to pay the expenses.

Even though he endeavored to assist his mom with dealing with his kin, however, his compulsion deteriorated around then. Not set in stone to return to school however his mom needed more cash to pay educational expenses. On one occasion he blew up and traded words with his mom after she informed him that, he won’ t return to school. The man expressed he to ventured out from home to a Ghetto without getting back.

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