Massive resignation from banks as engineers move to Amazon, others

Massive resignation from banks as engineers move to Amazon, others

Most of the Nigerian banks have facing system breakdown as most of the engineers have resigned to join new entrants Amazon, amongst other.

It will be recalled that banks’ customers have been groaning under often system breakdown in recent times.

According to recent findings, most of the banks have been deserted by tech engineers who have left them to work in companies like Amazon

A recent report also states that most of the banks are hastily training staff to fill the vacuum and increase the pay package of the remaining staff.

Amazon’s entrance into the e-commerce space in Nigeria has left most Nigerian banks in the lurch, recent findings by Legit.ng reveal.

According to most tech engineers who spoke with Legit.ng, most of them resigned in droves as Amazon announced it is hiring tech-savvy Nigerians to handle its front-end software needs and customer queries.

Samson Ojekwe who spoke with Legit.ng said he resigned from one of the new generation banks after he applied and successfully got recruited to work with Amazon in Ireland.

He said most of the hitches experienced lately by bank customers are caused by a lack of tech staff to handle most queries from customers.

Ojekwe said:

“If you have noticed lately bank customers are lamenting of technical hitches when they want to perform one transaction or another. This is because the banks lack staff who can handle and execute the queries as soon as they are made.”

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