Me & My Two Husbands Share The Same Bed With Our Two Kids

A woman named FrancineJasile from Congo revealed that she is married to two men, Albert and Remi who live happily with her in the same house where they share the same bed with their kids.

According to Jasile, she fell in love with her first husband and eventually married him. After some years, he went in search of a greener pasture but didn’t return home or even make contact with his wife back home.

While her husband was gone, Jasile met the man who became her second husband. She had informed him of the man who abandoned her and he agreed to be her man. He later moved in with her and they welcomed a child together.

However, things took a new twist when her first husband returned home from his trip. When he saw the other man, he questioned his wife who told him that the man was her new husband whom she married after she was abandoned by him.

He was enraged and wanted to fight him and kick him out, but Jasile told him she loved him and would not let him go. Her inlaws advised her first husband to take things easy and listen to his wife because he had left and had not kept in touch with her. The situation was not entirely her fault.

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