Meet The Woman That Gave Birth To A Goat After 2 Years Of Pregnancy

On Tuesday, a Nigerian woman in Rivers State gave birth to an animal that resembled a goat, which put the locals into a state of total and absolute wonder. This may sound strange, but it really happened, and this is how the locals responded:

Reputable local press outlets such as The Herald, Nigeria Today, and The Daily Post were the ones to break the news, complete with picture backups, claiming that the unidentified woman had strangely been pregnant for, get this, two years. The claim was made by those news outlets that the unidentified woman had been pregnant for such a long time that it was unbelievable. The fact that there was a picture of the woman gave real proof that the claim was true.

The mother gave birth at the Kerala Community Hall shortly after receiving free medical care from an evangelist named Pastor Jerkins. The preacher was present during the woman’ s delivery. After hearing about the bizarre incidence, a huge number of the neighborhood’ s residents went to check it out for themselves. Crazy Monday was able to see the terrible thing that happened because it was caught on film and shared widely online.

” Patients with symptoms ranging from fibroid to internal heat stroke and others had shown up for treatment, ” added the pastor. ” Patients with symptoms varying from fibroid to internal heat stroke and others had shown up. ” At the local community center, they were offering free health screenings.

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