My Stepfather Usually Insert Screwdriver, Lollipop Inside My Private Part While Ràping Me- Woman Reveals

According to Daily Mail, two cousins have spoken up about the horrifying sèxual abuse they experienced as kids at the hands of the same guy, and how they only came to realize they were also victims after he was put on trial earlier this year.

Jo Keegan, 48, and Tracy Gibson, 54, both from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, spent the most of their adult lives trying to keep the sèxual abuse and ràpe they suffered at the hands of John Kelk, now 68, a secret. Tracy was Kelk’ s stepdaughter, while Jo was his niece.

Jo and Tracy spoke to FEMAIL about the vile treatment they received, including being ràped with a screwdriver and made to drink weed killer as punishment.

When they were young, both ladies made an attempt to inform their moms about Kelk but were rejected. When Tracy informed her mother about the assault, she said she was called a ” dirty little s**t” and told she must have been lying.

After being found guilty of 22 offenses from the 1970s and 1980s, including ràpe and sèxual assault, Kelk was finally sentenced to 30 years in jail in May of this year.

Tracy and Jo both testified against him, and during the trial they startlingly learned that they had both been the victims of his heinous torture.

When Tracy was ten years old, Kelk started to sèxually assault her while babysitting her on Friday afternoons after she got home from school.

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