Nasir El-Rufai: I have informed Muhammadu Buhari of terrorists’ threat to abduct him

Nasir El-Rufai: I have informed Muhammadu Buhari of terrorists’ threat to abduct him

Kaduna State governor Nasir El-Rufai said President Muhammadu Buhari was not aware of the terrorists’ threat to abduct and kill him.

El-Rufai during a Radio Programme said Buhari has been informed of the threat to abduct him and promise to improve security in Nigeria.

The Kaduna State governor wondered how bold terrorists have become to abduct the Nigerian president.

“I also heard about a video where they threatened to abduct Buhari and myself. I have been warned to be careful including my families too,” El-Rufai said.

“How can we be in a country with soldiers, police and Federal Government but some terrorists will be threatening to abduct the president?

“‎If in the past those in government think this is a joke and see it as only happening in Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna and Niger, it’s now at home and we must rise up to deal with these people.

“This is why I met with the president on Sunday and told him about these problems. I also told him about the video because up to that day he was not even aware. I told him and the following day Zamfara state governor, Bello Matawalle, also confirmed to him that he saw the video too so as to take action.”

El-Rufai said Buhari him “that he met with the service chiefs 3-4 days before our meeting and that he gave them a clear directive to have a comprehensive military operation to deal with those people.”

The Kaduna State governor restated his recommendation that the Nigerian security forces should carry out a carpet bombing in forests in the North to end banditary.

“We hope God’s willing the soldiers and police that were given the directives will hasten up to finish the job. We don’t have to wait until they (terrorists) strike before we respond,” El-Rufai said

“They (soldiers) must go after them wherever they are to deal with them. The truth is we are worried about the security situation but we hope the federal government will do the right thing.”

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