Osinbajo receives London-Lagos biker, cautions against polio complacency

Osinbajo receives London-Lagos biker, cautions against polio complacency

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says there is need to sustain the campaign against polio, warning that the disease is “very crafty.”


Osinbajo handed down the warning on Thursday at Presidential Villa, while receiving the Nigerian Biker, Kunle Adeyanju, who embarked on a polio-inspired charity ride from London to Lagos.


Adeyanju, who arrived in Lagos on May 29, was accompanied to the Presidential Villa by a retinue of bikers and members of the Rotary Club.


The vice president said he was pleased to receive Adeyanju on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that a trip of 12,000 kilometres of uncertain terrain and 12 countries was no mean feat.


“ I am really also excited about the fact not only that you have done this for the adventure because I am told you are an adventurer; that you do sky diving, bungee jumping, cycling, all sorts of other adventures but more for a very worthy cause which is the Polio crusade.


“And I must say to you that the whole polio campaign is one that we have taken quite seriously; the Federal Government of Nigeria, especially in the past couple of years, has taken it very seriously indeed which explains why now we have an end.


“But I am sure the District Governor will let you know; polio is a very crafty disease and I think you have also pointed that out when you think you have conquered it, if you are not careful, if you are complacent, it will come back, very quickly; which is why we must keep a sustained attack against it.’’


Osinbajo said the National Economic Council (NEC) had also made polio one of the central public health issues.


According to him, NEC has a committee which deals with polio alone while the council also receives reports on polio from relevant agencies.

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