Pastor Arrested For Using His Mänhoôd To Heal A Demon Possessed Girl During Prayers

A shameless pastor from Tsholotsho in Zimbabwe has been arrested by the police after he allegedly invited a young girl to his house for prayer sessions and inserted his mànhöód into her private part, claiming her vägina was possessed by a demon so he was cleansing her.

The 32- year- old pastor who goes by the name of Silas Ndlovu was arrested at his home by the local police after he séxually abused the young girl many times and lied to her that her vägina was possessed by a demon.

The pastor, who is the head priest of the Matabeleland Church Of Christ in Zimbabwe was close friends with the victim’ s mother. So one day during a Sunday church service, he was praying for all the members of his church but when it reached the turn of the victim’ s mother, he asked her if she had a child. And if her child was a boy or a girl.

So she said yes, her child is a girl. The pastor then told her that the vägina of her daughter is possessed by a demonic spirit. He later told her after the church service that she should bring her daughter to his home the following morning. Since the woman trusted the pastor she didn’ t think anything bad.

So the next day, the woman brought her 15- year- old daughter to the pastor’ s house for him to pray over her vägina and cleanse it from the demons. When they arrived, the pastor said he wants to pray with the girl in private so he told the mother to go back home. So the woman obeyed him and went home alone.

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