PEOPLE ARE DYING LIKE FOWLS! Another Decomposed Body Of Man, 56, Found In River

Nowadays it seems like people are just dying like animals in Ghana. It s as if it has now become a normal something. Just recently, the dead and decomposed body of a 56- year- old man has been found lying under a bridge at the Ekumfi Akotsi town in the Central Region of Ghana. The incident was reported to have happened around the early hours of Thursday, October 13th, 2022.

According to Ghanaweb, they said the town residents pointed out the dead body belonged to a man called Ekow Quainoo, also popularly known as Osor. They said he had been declared missing many days ago but they couldn’ t find his body.

The town residents reported that they conducted a full search in the area to find the man but they still couldn’ t. The deceased man had reportedly been living with his wife and their grandchild before he disappeared.

However just this Thursday morning, a resident of the town called Tanko decided to go and chop down some bamboo trees at the riverside in the town. He said he picked up his bag and went to the riverside. When he reached there, he said he saw something like a human body floating on the river. But he said at first he thought it was an animal. So he decided to go closer to see what it was.

When he went closer he saw that he is the decomposed body of a human being. So he became scared and he quickly ran back home to inform the town residents. So they all followed him to the river and they saw the decomposed body of the man floating in the River. They then pulled it out and they were able to identify it as the body of Ekow Quainoo. The body was sent to the morgue and the police officers are carrying out investigations.

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