Peter Obi Lives In Lagos While One Of Atiku’s Valuable Asset Is On Madonna Street In Lagos – Tinubu

The Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate Kashim Shettima arrived in Kaduna to speak to the Northern Elders Forum on how they are planning to run Nigeria.

While the former Governor of Lagos was speaking about his plan to transform the North and how they are willing to eradicate Almajiri. He made an analogy of how he had made Lagos a comfortable place for everybody and that even his other two competitors reside and run their affairs in the state because of the sacrifice he had made. He said, ”And then one of the candidates running against me lives in Lagos, that’s Peter Obi. If you ask Atiku, where is your other valuable asset? He will say he has one in Madonna street in Lagos.”

Tinubu highlighted further that they can bring in the Lagos transformation into the Nigerian system. According to him, if he can make Lagos comfortable for everyone then he can do the same for Nigeria. Although some people have tended to disagree with the assertion that Peter Obi lives in Lagos because he had once said that he resides in Anambra state.

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