PFN: Possessing PVCs not enough to effect political changes

PFN: Possessing PVCs not enough to effect political changes

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has charged members across the nation to join political parties because possession of Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) is not enough to effect political changes.

PFN said absence of church influence in yhe political space has caused a lot of setbacks, adding that active participation would change the nation for good because next to God’s power is political power.

Speaking in Ibadan at the maiden Femi Emmanuel lecture with the theme: “Democracy and governance in Nigeria: Role of Christians in politics,” the National Director, Directorate of Politics and Governance (DPG) of PFN, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, lamented Christian are suffering from doctrine of ‘politics is a dirty game’.

The Presiding Pastor of Living Spring Chapel International however called on General Overseers and Bishops in PFN to mandate their members to join DPG structures across the 36 States.

He said: “I’ve been into politics and structure has helped me to become Oyo Deputy Speaker. We already have church structures, we only need to mandate our people to join, appoint an officer in your churches that would be meeting other officers at ward level because politics starts from grass route.”

Pastor Ituah Igbodalo of Trinity House, Lagos in his lecture said Nigeria has been held captive and designed to failed, saying that happenings were premeditated so the nation won’t survive.

He urged Christian leaders should ro leave their personal interest aside and put church forward to make meaningful impact.

“Our churches is our structure, there is no political parties that has one of the structures we Pentecostal have. Our people should get involved at the grassroots. Make sure the parties you want to join represent the interest and value you stand for, begin interventions in people, enlightement, education and social welfare, institute active leadership.”

“Nigeria is many nation tight together by forces. We have prayed enough but this is time for action. If you don’t get the right leadership, the country will not progress, we must decide the kind of Nigeria we want.”

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