Photos Of The Luxury Car Amarachi’s Husband Bought For Her After Giving Birth To Their Son

Amarachi Gidimbah, a rising star in the Nigerian entertainment industry, announced the birth of her son via social media a few days ago. The child is a boy. The actress also took the opportunity to tell the story of how God showed mercy to her while she was working as a child laborer.

The actress related the story of how, on the day she started working as a child laborer, she was almost run over and killed by her own car.

In light of the recent turn of events that have transpired in her life, the actress has only lately taken to social media in order to discuss the latest present that her husband gave her after the delivery of their son.

On Monday, the 17th of October 2022, the actress shared images of the lavish car that her husband had purchased for her as a ” push gift” on the official Instagram page that she maintained for herself.

The actress has attached a statement to the images in which she expresses her gratitude to God for the amazing things that have happened to her. In her prayers, she asked God to preserve the safety of her husband at all times.

To quote what she had to say:

” What else can I ask for, Jehovah? You have been too nice to me. Thank you for everything, and please continue to protect and bless my husband, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. ”


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