POLITICS Or WAR? ? Fani Kayode Calls For Arrest Of Alleged Peter Obi’s Supporter Over Threat To Kill (READ FULL STATEMENT)

On Friday, October 7, Femi Fani Kayode, one of the presidential spokesmen of Bola Tinubu made a statement in reaction to the statement alleged to have been made by one of the alleged supporters of the labor party candidate, Peter Obi.

Femi Fani Kayode claimed that a member of the labor party has issued a threat to the people of Nigeria regaining what he would do to anyone who does not vote for the candidate of the labor party in the forthcoming presidential election.

While the people of Nigeria are free to make their choice or pick any presidential candidate in the forthcoming presidential election, Fani Kayode insisted that the said individual whose name or identity has not been revealed should be arrested.

At the same time, he called on security agencies to invite the labor party candidate, Peter Obi for questioning in other to determine if he has a link with the said supporter.

According to what he posted on his media page on Friday, Fani Kayode asked Nigerian security operatives to go after an alleged member of the labor party over a threat to the people of Nigeria regaining the forthcoming presidential election.

The statement of Fani Kayode reads in part ” Now we see the Obidients for what they are. We are waiting for them. I call on the security and intelligence agencies to find this little thug, arrest him and charge him to court for conspiracy to kill incitement and threat to life. “

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