Rest Well! Man Dies After Falling From A Coconut Tree At Offinso

A man around the age of 30 years has reportedly lost his precious life after he fell from a very long coconut tree. The deceased man, who goes by the nickname of K2 was found lying dead on the ground at Offinso Dome in the Offinso South District of the Ashanti region of Ghana.

According to some local people who knew the deceased man, they said he was a farmer and a palm wine tapper. They said he was married to a woman within the town and he had around 3 children. Unfortunately for him, he decided that it’ s been a long time since she ate some coconut so de decided to climb one of the trees and pluck some for himself and his family members, at home.

So when it was around 3: 00 pm on Monday, October 18th, 2022, the man was walking in the bushes looking for a coconut tree so that he can climb and pluck some. So while walking, he came across a very tall tree that was around 15 feet tall and there were many ripe coconuts on it.

At first, since the tree was too tall, the man decided not to climb because he was scared of falling. So he decided to continue searching whether he would find other coconut trees. So went searching but all the short coconut trees he came across either didn’ t have coconuts on them or the coconuts were not ripe. So he had no choice but to go back to the tall tree and try his luck.

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