RUSSIA WAR: Former Ukraine President Says Its Time To Negotiate With Putin

RUSSIA WAR: Former Ukraine President Says Its Time To Negotiate With Putin

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated on Friday that Russian airstrikes and the recent discovery of a mass grave provide a ” promising starting point for negotiations” to end the horrific conflict. ” The finest negotiator, the best diplomat for this negotiation, is the Ukrainian armed forces, ” Poroshenko said on ” Varney & Company” on Friday.

Putin only comprehends our power and togetherness. Poroshenko joined FOX Business live from the freshly liberated Ukrainian city of Izyum to address the escalating Russia- Ukraine conflict and the latest push by some conservatives for a negotiated settlement. According to Fox News Digital’ s sources, Ukrainian soldiers recently discovered a mass burial site outside of Izyum with many fire pits containing over 1, 100 partially burnt dead.

The revelation provides additional evidence of Russian President Vladimir Putin’ s heightened hostility in his military operations as a kind of vengeance for the success of Ukrainian civilians during the war. Russia began bombarding Ukrainian cities with missiles, shells, and other munitions on Monday in retaliation for the bombing and partial collapse of the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia to Crimea, last week.

Poroshenko stated that the missiles struck roughly two kilometers from his residence. Several governments, notably the United States and its European allies, as well as the International Criminal Court, have launched investigations into the suspected war crimes. As of Friday, October 14, 2022, despite the probe, the Russia- Ukraine war has been ongoing for 233 days, and Russia shows no sign of stopping.

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