Sad News As Shameless Driver Jailed 15 Years For Robbery And Attempted Murder

A shameless driver has recently been given a prison sentence of 15 years in jail by the Accra High Court for multiple charges including robbery and attempted murder. The suspect who goes by the name of Atsu Dzovor pleaded guilty to all these charges and is yet to fully serve his prison sentence.

The Head Judge of the Accra High Court found him guilty of multiple criminal charges including robbery, conspiracy, and attempted murder. Due to this, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crime.

During the court session, the Judge said, the first suspect, Atsu Dzovor is a driver and lives at Agbogbloshie while the second suspect, Kelly, as of now on the run and likewise dwells in a similar area.

Auditor Teye Okuffo let the court know that, on September 1, this year, at around 4: 30 am, the first and second denounced chose to go to Odorkor municipality to burglarize.

He said, at Odorkor Tipper, they detected the complainant en route to work and the first and second charged while on a motorbike, went after the complainant with a sharp blade and requested her satchel.

The Examiner said, the complainant wouldn’ t give up her satchel and the second Denounced who was a pillion rider, threatened to use a blade and took steps to cut the complainant to death and figured out how to grab the purse from her and catapulted away.

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