Sad News As Woman Stabs Her Younger Sister To Death For Flirting With Her Boyfriend

What is the world even turning into nowadays? Just recently a Florida woman from the United States reportedly stabbed her sister in the chest multiple times to death after she found out that she had been secretly messaging and flirting with her boyfriend on Facebook. The shameless lady, who goes by the name of Fatiha Marzan had reportedly committed the crime in Florida.

The lady, who was immediately arrested after the incident admitted to the country police officer that she killed her younger sister over jealousy.

According to the police officers, they said the little sister was covered in a pool of blood after she was stabbed in the chest multiple times by her older sister. She instantly died on the spot because the wounds she inflicted were too strong and she was bleeding a lot.

Immediately after the older sister stabbed her younger sister, she called the police over and told them that she has killed her younger sister for flirting with her boyfriend. When the police rushed to the scene after the phone call, it was already late because she was already dead while lying in a pool of blood.

The police officers uncovered that Sayma used to play Grand Theft with Fatiha’ s boyfriend and frequently used to chat with him on Facebook and Instagram.

Many people had witnessed the sad incident and they expressed that Fatiha suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her younger sister. Due to this, she became angry of jealous so she killed her sister.

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