SAD! Nursing Mother Arrested For Using An Electric Wire To Beat Her Stepdaughter

A heartless nursing woman has recently been arrested by the Nigerian Police Council for brutally beating her stepdaughter in Maryland, the Enugu State of Nigeria. The wicked woman had allegedly punched the little girl in the face many times because she said she was annoying.

According to a report that was released by the police on Saturday, October 8, the lady was once arrested some time ago for beating someone else’ s 8- year- old child after said the little boy didn’ t greet her. So she slapped the boy in the face and kicked him many times. Due to this, she was arrested by the police for assault and was jailed for 7 months before she was later released and committed brutalizing her child.

The lady is married to a man called Polino. She doesn’ t have any child but her husband has a child which he had with a different woman. But the child stays with this lady. On Saturday, 8, October 2022, the lady allegedly sent her stepdaughter to buy a credit of 4015, but instead purchased a 4500, returning N500 rather than N985.

Due to this, the woman became angry so she decided to cane the child with a long electric wire. She whipped her face, back, and her entire body. Due to this, the little girl was bleeding a lot from her face.

So when his father returned home, he saw that his daughter was severely beaten and bleeding. So he asked his wife happened but she rather gave him a dirty slap for asking her that question. She then started beating her husband and was about to stab but he luckily managed to escape with his daughter from the house. He then quickly rushed to the police where his daughter testified that her stepmom had canned her with an electric wire.

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