SAD! Prison Officer Kills Himself After His Wife Caught Him Cheating On Her

A prison officer has recently taken his own by shooting himself in the head after his wife had caught him red- handed having an affair with a student from SHS 3.

The 30- year- old officer who goes by the name of Kenneth Mawonga was found lying dead in a pool of blood by his workmates at the Nyazura Police Station in Malawi. According to some sources, the officer’ s wife was demanding a divorce from him after she caught him red- handed having an affair with an SHS student. She went through his phone and saw all the messages he had sent to his lover including naked pictures that they sent to each other.

Due to this, she decided to demand a divorce from him. But the deceased man had begged her to forgive him but she refused. Due to this, he became so depressed that he killed himself.

The Zimbabwean Head Prisonal Officer for Manicaland, Freedom Mhlanga confirmed his sad death.

” We affirm the sad incident, yet examinations concerning the reason for the self- destruction are in the works, ” he said. Notwithstanding, murder criminal investigators taking care of the case uncovered that Mawonga had a quarrel with his significant other over his cheating allegations with an underage school young lady.

Following Mawonga’ s passing, analysts went through his cellphone talks and found that he was in constant disagreement with his better half over cheating allegations.

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