Saudi Royal Family Apologise To Lil Wayne With Lamborghini And N11m Wristwatch

American rapper, Lil Wayne once received a Lamborghini and Franck Muller wristwatch from the Saudi Arabia Royal Family.

The Young Money CEO made this known in an interview as he recounted how the royal family gave him the expensive gifts after he had trouble with the airport staff.

Lil Wayne recounted the time he was prohibited from entering the middle east nation because he wore ‘too much’ jewellery and had to declare it to customs

He said that when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia heard of his embarrasing ordeal, he offered the artiste a Franck Muller watch worth over $25K (N11m) plus a black Lamborghini

Speaking with by Daily Loud, Wayne said; “We landed at a private airport. I set my backpack with all my jewelry on there. The lady said I’m sorry, the jewelry is too much. I think she was saying if it’s over $25K you gotta declare it. I’m very no-nonsense, I’m like man f*ck all that. So I went back to my plane.

“All of a sudden I’m sitting in my plane, n*gga walked in the plane like ‘Yo,’ quote and quote, His excellence, he’s pissed, he said you walk straight through to no nothing,’ he was highly upset.

“‘I bring you gift over $25K,’ he made his homie open the gift, it was a Frank Mueller watch. So I know yeah, that’s over $25K. Oh I forget, Lamborghini or Ferrari,’ I thought it was a general question. I said ‘oh, Lamborghini,’ I thought he was asking me which is better. ‘What color?’ ‘I said, ‘you talking about buying me one? Black. ‘In front of your house in three weeks, I’m very sorry for this…’”

Watch interview below:

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