See How A Man Attacked His Wife With A Broken Bottle And Destroyed Her Face

A young lady from South Africa has recently shared some heartbreaking pictures on social media that show how her husband had severely abused her. From the pictures, you can see that her face was disfigured. Her face had to be stitched by doctors because her husband had attacked her with a sharp broken bottle.

The poor lady, who goes by the name of Palesa Ya Seponono posted these pictures on her Facebook account on Monday, October 3, 2022, to show the world the kind of monster that she is married to. She also used this as a lesson to all ladies around the world that they must be very careful before they get married to a man.

During the Facebook post, she wrote saying: ” This is my new face. Have you seen what my husband has done to me? Ever since I met this man I have never had peace in my life. He always beats me and my child” .

According to the lady, she claims she and her husband have been together for the past 6 years, and ever since they got married, she has never had peace in her life. She said her husband always beats her from morning to evening.

She also added that she only has one child with him which is a girl and he always beats the child addiction

She said one day, her husband came home from work drunk so he asked her if she had cooked food for him. She then said yes. But since he had come home late, the food had become cold by then.

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