See How This Kwara Doctor Was Caught After Killing Two Ladies, Dumping Corpses In His Office

The Chief Medical Officer of the Kiama General Hospital in Kiama local government area of Kwara state, Dr. Adio Adeyemi Adebowale is currently in police custody after two female corpses were recovered from his office, Vanguard reports.

According to policemen who led the operation, one of the victims was buried underground in the office while the second was dumped in a trash bin. The buried corpses were identified as Ifeoluwa, Adeyemi’ s girlfriend who he allegedly killed and buried underground. Ealier, he had told police the corpse was dumped inside a forest in Asa local government area of the state.

Suspicion arose however after police stormed his office and found a portion where the tiles were newly done. Upon removing the tiles, the decomposing body of the deceased was found. The victim was identified as Nofisat Halidu, a woman who husband declared missing since November last year. A female wig, handbags and pants were also recovered from the office.

The Kwara state police spokesperson, Ajayi Okasanmi said, ” On assumption of office, Mr Paul Odama as commissioner of police Kwara State, while going through some petitions written by some citizens, a particular case struck the CP regarding a reported case of one missing lady by name Nofisat Halidu ‘ F’ in Kaiama, Kaiama Local government area of Kwara State, on 21/11/2021.

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