SEE The Note A Mother Drops After Dumping Her Baby Beside The River

The residents of KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa have been left in great shock after they saw a 3- month- old baby dumped by the mother in their neighborhood with a note beside the baby.

While reacting to the incident, the Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) released a statement on Monday, 3rd of October 2022 which reads that a male resident of the community that was picking mangoes not too far from a river found a baby dumped with a note.

The man also found a bottle of milk, a pacifier, and nappies inside a bag placed close to where the baby was abandoned. The mother of the baby revealed in the note that her attempt to reach out to social workers was unsuccessful.

She added that she would have terminated the pregnancy but she was scared of dying as it’ s no more safe coupled with the rigorous rules of the hospitals.

She urged that anybody who found her mother should not hesitate to report it to the police station.

According to the note, which reads; ” Hello, I am sure you would think what could have made me abandon my baby, stop thinking, just assist her or you report to the nearest police station but I beg you not to judge me. I have reached out to the social workers two times. They delayed in offering their help. I know what I did is not good but am left with no choice. The system has become weak and we find it very hard to terminate our pregnancy. Too many rigorous rules at the hospitals. “

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