See What Happened To The Corpses Of 4 Deceased Persons Who Vomited & Died After Eating Amala Meal

According to the DAILY POST, the people of Mopa town in the Mopa- Muro Local Government Area of Kogi State have been thrown into grief following the inexplicable death of four deceased persons after apparently eating a cassava flour dish known as ” Amala. ”

The deceased passed away one after another in rapid succession. Pa. Motilewa, the leader of the household, together with his two children and a female who is believed to be related to them, were among those who passed away.

Motun, who was recognized as one of the deceased daughters, held a National Certificate of Education and worked as a teacher in the community until she passed away. However, the mother managed to pull through thanks to some kind of miracle.

The occurrence has left the people of the town and the entire neighbourhood in sadness, terror, and confusion, with many pressing for an investigation into the killing of the family members.

According to the information that was acquired by DAILY POST, the family created the ” Amala” dinner by using the leftover cassava flour from the ” Fufu” that they had previously made and consumed.

It was reported that they had exposed the finished shafts to the sun so that they could dry for a number of days.

After the flakes had been let to dry, they were then ground into a fine powder to make the dish known as ” Amala, ” which the people had just before going to bed.

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