SHAMEFUL ACT! Married Man Allegedly Impregnates JHS 2 Student

A shameless married man has recently landed himself into big- time trouble after he allegedly impregnated a 14- year- old Junior High School 2 Student. The man, who is married and has 2 children was a security guard at the Government Secondary school in Minna, Niger state.

A witness who started the accusations said he has seen this shameless security guard many times hanging out with the young girl. Since the security guard has a house on the school campus, he would mostly invite the young girl into his room before school closes and he would teach her some sèx practice.

So after some weeks, the girl started vomiting and she became tired of doing small actions. Due to this, her mother decided to send her to a hospital because she thought she could be sick with malaria or maybe cholera. However, when he sent her to the hospital for a test, the doctor told the mother that her daughter was 3 weeks pregnant. So the mother asked her to mention who impregnated her but she refused.

So the victim’ s mother contacted one of her friends, Effe, and told him about what has happened to her daughter. Since he was the one who witnessed everything, he told her that he saw her young daughter coming out of the security Guard’ s room many times.

So the woman and her daughter quickly rushed to the school and reported. The security guard was allegedly a man who was married and his 2 children were around the age of the girl that he impregnated. But due to some cheating issues, his wife abandoned him and ran with his children away.

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