SHOCKER: Nursing Mother Caught Sleeping With Neighbour’s Husband In Hotel

A lot of studies have tried to understand why people cheat on their partners including married ones but one thing that is constant in the results is that people cheat because they want to, they do not even need a specific reason.

The story of the nursing mother who was caught cheating in a hotel room with her neighbour’s husband rocked the internet back in 2020.

The young lady identified as Mrs. Ednah was said to be married to one Mr Goodluck from Azuzuama in Southern Ijaw LGA, Bayelsa State was caught pant down with her neighbour’s husband in a Hotel.

Mrs. Ednah Goodluck According to reports gave birth not up to 5 months ago when the incident happened.

According to the reports, Mrs. Ednah went to Yenagoa to sleep with her neighbour’s husband in a hotel where she was caught.

There was a serious fight between the two ladies as seen in a viral video when the neighbour herself caught her husband on top of the said nursing mother.

The most shocking part was that Mrs. Ednah happened to also be a close friend to her neighbour whose husband she slept with at the hotel.

According to the poster on Facebook;

This one touch me oh, this girl called EDNAH married to a boy called GOODLUCK from Azuzuama. she just give birth not up to 5 months. She go fock with another woman husband for hotel and the man wife come catch her nai fight start, the worse part be say the guy na their neighbor and the wife na her friend.

This one happen for yenagoa bayelsa state. If na u be the husband waiting u go do to ur wife wey go fock with ur new born baby. This is a lesson to all married woman.

See some of the comments the post attracted;

The summary of everything is that the nursing mother did this because of money. Poverty is a disease

This act of adultery explains why many children don’t resemble the father nor the mother and this is what I called the “F” factor.

It explain the reason why children may not choose after the father nor the mother’s behavior or may exhibit a very crazy trait not present in the parent or how do you explain a child who is suckling another man’s sperm different from his fathers with original DNA that fertilized him/her?

Her oilrig hasn’t fully healed, she’s already going outside for offshore drilling.

If you catch you spouse with another person, your problem is with your spouse not the third party

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