SHOCKER OF THE YEAR! Pastor Yaw Owusu Beheads His Wife, Dumps Body In A Bush

The Ghana Police Service has announced that they have arrested a popular pastor for allegedly beheading his ex- wife. According to the police, the pastor who goes by the name of Yaw Owusu had beheaded his ex- wife after they got into a heated argument. The incident happened in the late hours of Sunday, 2nd October 2022.

The criminal, Yaw Owusu also known as Akwankyerɛ is the head pastor and owner of Reality Reclamation Church at Assin Bereku. As per some sources, the departed got missing in the shrubbery after she went to the homestead with her ex on September 29, 2022. The report said the two divorced people used to call each other even though they have separated and remained independent.

The prophet then assembled and used that chance to welcome his ex to accompany him to the ranch that very day. The suspect got back without his ex and neglected to educate anyone about the whereabouts of the lady.

Nonetheless, the group of the departed and elderly folks of Assin Bereku associated the man with the ex’ s vanishing after giving disconnected proclamations upon interrogation. The Elderly folks then, at that point, made his capture and gave the suspect the Assin Bereku Police to get away from the rage of the irate youth and went to the homestead to pour libation.

When the police looked through the prophet’ s room, they tracked down over 30 female panties which as per reports have a place with the ladies she showers as a feature of his otherworldly direction. Meanwhile, around 500 furious youths from the town blockaded the Assin Bereku Police headquarters requesting the arrival of the suspect, Yaw Owusu to be lynched.

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