SHOCKING! ! ! Amidst Nigerians Call For Support Of Labour Party, Nigerian Students Support Tinubu’s Ambition

A number of students, operating under the auspices of the Tinubu/Shetima Students Vanguard (TSSV), have announced their backing for Bola Tinubu’ s bid for the presidency in 2023. Tinubu is the candidate for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

According to them, the decision was made because Tinubu possessed everything that was necessary to rule Nigeria. This was the basis for the decision.

According to a report by Naija News, the students, who have committed to campaign for Tinubu’ s emergence in 2023, stated that their support for the APC presidential contender came after doing an in- depth analysis of each of the candidates.

The announcement was made by the group’ s Coordinator, Sunday Asefon, during a media briefing in Ado- Ekiti, which is the capital of the state of Ekiti. Asefon noted that ” there are strong indications that the APC candidate would run a student- friendly government, ” and he added that ” his exploits in all sectors of governance, particularly, the education sector when he was at the helm of affairs in Lagos State remained verifiable testimonies of his

He went on to say that Tinubu’ s intellectual prowess as well as his pedigree, administrative acumen, competence, and experience are highly crucial to the development of Nigeria.

Asefon also made the remark that ” Tinubu’ s presidency would be a great blessing to the entirety of Nigeria as he possesses the leadership qualities needed to transform Nigeria, looking at how he changes the fortunes of Lagos State for the better. ” Asefon went on to say that if Tinubu were given the opportunity, he would do the same thing to Nigeria that he did to Lagos state. Tinubu’ s presidency would be a great blessing to the entirety of Nigeria.

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