SHOCKING REVELATION! How I Almost Died Hours Before Childbirth- Actress Amarachi Igidimbah

Nollywood actress Amarachi Igidimbah, popularly known as Pino Pino, has recounted her unforgettable experience of how she was in labour pains for hours on October 9, 2022, before finally welcoming her child on October 10, 2022.

In a lengthy Instagram text, the actress revealed that she had experienced God’ s grace and favour in the past, but this time around she must share how God saved her life while she was in labour.

Amarachi revealed that she got into labour contractions on October 9, 2022, after a long day of dancing and merriment. Immediately, she called her brother, informing him, telling him that it was time for her to deliver, and soon they began heading to Onitsha, where her maternity is, but on getting to Lagos park, there was heavy gridlock and her pains intensified every 10 minutes.

Therefore, they had to turn back and use a one- way drive, which she maintained that she would explain her reason for breaching the road law if confronted by any police officer.

At this point, they came across an officer who, she claimed, did not show sympathy for her condition but instead yelled at her and made her fall down.

She also added that, on falling down, her brother didn’ t know she was there and accelerated instead of breaking and her own car almost crushed her.

In another text where the actress expressed her gratitude to God for everything and for a peaceful childbirth, she wrote:

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