SORROW: Wife Mourns As Husband Dies In Kidnappers Hands, After Collecting Ransom

Augustine Okoye, a businessman who was kidnapped in Ugbe Akoko, located in the Akoko North East council area of Ondo state, is said to have been killed after his family members paid the ransom demanded by his kidnappers. This information was published in Vanguard.

You may recall that the victim and his wife were taken hostage on the road leading to Ise Akoko from Isua.

According to information gathered by Vanguard, the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the businessman occurred because of intractable disagreements regarding the amount of ransom paid by the man’ s relatives.

However, the kidnappers did eventually free the wife they had held captive.

Following her release from the hospital, the victim’ s wife has chosen not to comment on the incident, according to a family member who spoke with the media.

Since she was freed, we have been making repeated attempts to speak with her in order to elicit some information from her, but she has remained silent.

She did say that the kidnappers had cautioned her not to reveal any information about her experiences while she was held captive in their lair because they threatened to retrieve her if she did.

She told those who were close to her that the kidnappers also warned her not to disclose the amount paid to them as ransom, as well as those who were involved in the negotiation and those who eventually brought the money to them.

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