Stop Marrying People Because You Love Them, Marry People So You Can Grow With Them- Blessing CEO

Blessing Okoro, better known as Blessing CEO, is a popular Instagram relationship coach, social media influencer, and brand ambassador. She is also known by her other name, Blessing.

In the most recent post that she made on Instagram, she gave her friends and followers the following piece of advice: Instead of marrying individuals only because they love them, they should look for partners with whom they can develop with.

To paraphrase what she said, ” Stop marrying people only because you love them; instead, marry individuals with whom you can grow. ” Her claim was that love is now the path to growth and the future. This is the picture that she shared, and below it you can see a screenshot of the caption that she wrote.

The well- known Blessing CEO is a relationship coach who is recognized for uploading films on relationship problems and how to find answers to those problems. Those videos have gained a lot of attention recently.

As soon as she uploaded the photo to the website, her admirers and followers quickly began flooding the comment section with their ideas and points of view, coming from a wide variety of positions. The following are the responses that her fans sent to the post that was below:

Watch the video below of Blessings CEO explaining a question about why people change after you started dating then or when they get married:

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