Student Shocked After Seeing His Primary School Teacher Selling Rat Poison

A young guy from Nigeria has recently been left shocked and speechless after he was his very own primary school teacher selling rat poison in the town where he lives. From the video, you can see the teacher carrying a bowl of containers of rat poison on his head while shouting: ” Rat Poison, Rat Poison” .

The young guy, who goes by the name of Yemi Gold claims that the teacher used to teach him Information Communication and Technology (ICT) way back in class 5. He said the teacher used to be called Sir Makuwo during his school days.

He also claims the teacher was a very friendly person in the primary. He said during those days, he remembers that his teacher used to have around 3 cars that he drove to school to come and teach. He also said that Sir Makuwo always dressed like a rich person to class to teach and he always cracked jokes with his students.

However, he was very shocked after he saw Sir Mawuko passing and selling rat poison. From the video, you could see that the teacher was carrying a large bowl on his head that contained rat poison, he was also shouting: ” Rat, Poison, Rat Poison, Come And Buy” .

From the look on the student’ s face, you can see that he was very shocked to see his teacher doing a job like that. The teacher also looked into the eye of the student and he was speechless. You can see that they both recognized each other.

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