TEMPTATION! Bolt Driver Tells How A Lady Held His Mänhoôd To Avoid Paying

A young bolt Driver by the name of Vincent Potaki has recently described in an interview how a slay queen that he picked at Osu in Accra refused to pay and rather ended up touching his mànhöód as a means of payment rather.

According to Vincent, this isn’ t the first time that a lady he picked had offered him sèx for payment. He said there are many times were the Accra girls picked up his car but instead of them paying, they rather offer to give him a blöwjôb as a means of payment. He said he rejects all these women.

However, upon all the sëxual encounters with his female customers, he said this one was the most intense of them all. He said he picked the lady from Osu and she was very beautiful. He said she was a Nigerian that ordered his drive from the Bolt app. He said when she entered the car, she first didn’ t speak. He then started touching his mànhöód.

During an interview with SVTV Africa, he explained saying: ” The second she (Nigerian) sat in the vehicle, she held my pénis, so I advised her to stop. Then, at that point, she told me she won’ t pay the lorry fare” .

” Yet, I told her no, I don’ t need that. Most young ladies tempt men to stay away from payment. I’ m working. I’ m a work- and- pay driver, and I have an objective set for myself. “

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