The Family Of Abimbola, Late Wife Of Celebrity Car Dealer IVD Releases Public Statement On Her Death

The family of Abimbola Ogbonna late wife of Mr. Ikenna Darryl Ogbonna who’s a celebrity car dealer has put out a statement regarding her death and their efforts to seek justice.

Content of the statement: The statement reads in part that Abimbola died as a result of injuries sustained from a fire-related assault. According to the family, the injuries were inflicted by the deceased’s husband who they claim has been physically abusing her for years and it was this recurring domestic violence that led to her untimely death.

The statement described Abimbola as a peace-loving woman who puts the interest of her five children and desires that they are raised by two parents before her well-being.

The family further enjoined the public to amplify their demand for justice as they claim the husband Mr. Ogbonna is currently on the run in the hope of evading justice.

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