The ISWAP Has Claimed Full Responsibility For The Kuje Prison Attack

The ISWAP Has Claimed Full Responsibility For The Kuje Prison Attack

This picture is used to illustrate the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP)

ISWAP has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on Abuja’s Kuje Prison, which led to the escape of nearly 800 detainees.Sixty-four prominent Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists, including some of the top commanders, were among the escapees.
On Wednesday night, the terrorist group released a video showing some of its members shooting their way inside the facility.In the 38-second footage, tens of fighters were seen marching in groups and firing randomly while vehicles and buildings were on fire.

In addition to the young men who were shouting at the top of their lungs, an old man clad in native garb was also depicted joining them.

The Islamic State’s A’maq Agency released the video with the comment, “Yesterday, Islamic State fighters successfully raided Kuje jail in Abuja and freed scores of captives.”

The text was composed in Arabic.

Recall that during his visit to Kuje Prison, Defence Minister Major General Bashir Magashi (ret.) stated that the assailants were terrorists and specifically headed for the location where Boko Haram suspects were being held.

He disclosed that all 64 Boko Haram suspects in prison could be located following the incident.
“The prison houses approximately 994 convicts, and over 600 have fled.” Numerous individuals have been recaptured and returned to prison. Perhaps before day’s end, more will have been captured and returned.

According to the records, we believe that the participants in this activity belong to a particular group. We have a substantial number of Boko Haram suspects in custody, and we cannot locate any of them at this time, so it is likely that they are Boko Haram members.

There were approximately 64 inmates in the prison, but none of them are now available because they have all fled.

On his way to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to continue his trip to Dakar, President Muhammadu Buhari visited Kuje Prisons and questioned how terrorists could acquire weapons, organize themselves, attack a security station, and escape punishment.

He stated, “The intelligence system is disappointing. How can terrorists organize, acquire weapons, and attack a security installation while remaining unpunished? “How were the prison’s defenses ineffective in preventing the attack?”

“How many convicts did the institution house?” Can you account for all of them? What number of people were on duty? What proportion of them were armed? In the watchtower, were guards present? What were they doing? Does CCTV function? “

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