Video! ! ! This Is Where I Dumped Her Body– Woman Who Beat Her Maid To Death Shows Where She Disposed Her Corpse

A video of a woman who allegedly beat her maid to death is currently trending on social media after it surfaced online. The woman whose details are not given or known yet was seen taking law enforcement agencies to where she abandoned the corpse of her maid after she died.

According to the report surrounding the news, the unfortunate incident happened somewhere in Anambra State. The details of the incident are still sketchy as of the time of this report. No one knows why she had to beat her maid to the point of killing her.

What can however be confirmed so far is that the woman was arrested by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Anambra Command. The woman has since confessed to the crime after her arrest and she took the agency to where she discarded the body of the maid after she died as a result of the beating she gave her.

From the video footage which has now gone viral, the woman could be heard speaking in Igbo, saying: I beat her and she started convulsing so I took her to Kings (hospital). Getting there, she died, so I threw her body here. ”

Meanwhile, by the time she took them to the location where she dumped the corpse of the maid, the body was already decomposing. The body was found in a small bush behind a building.

The incident further underscores the importance of why child labor and child trafficking should be seriously looked into especially those perpetrated under the guise of maid or house help.

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