Wakanda Forever Tops Box Office Chart For Fourth Weekend

Studio estimate has revealed that ‘Black Panther Wakanda Forever’ topped the box office chart for the fourth straight weekend grossing $17.6 million in movie ticket sales in the United States and Canada last week.

Voice of America reported that the Walt Disney Co.’s movie had ruled the box office since its release grossing a total of $733 million globally, including $339 million in overseas sales.

The film, a sequel to the 2018 movie that starred the late Chadwick Bossman, is hailed as the first Marvel superhero film to spotlight black culture.

Released on November 11, the marvel superhero movie premiered in Lagos on November 6.

The estimate further revealed that comic holiday thriller ‘Violent Night’ took the number two spot, debuting with $13.3 million last week.

Other movies on the top 10 box include ‘Strange World’, with $4.9 million ticket sales, ‘The Menu’, with $3.6 million, ‘Devotion’, $2.8 million, ‘I Heard the Bells’, $1.8 million, ‘Black Adam’, $1.7 million, ‘The Fabelmans’, $1.3 million, ‘Bones and All’, $1.2 million and ‘Ticket to Paradise’, $850,000.

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