WASTED LIFE! 55 Year Old Man Killed During Fight Over Goat Meat

A man around the age of 55 years has reportedly lost his life after he was involved in a deadly fight with another man over some goat meat. The sad incident happened in the town of Sefwi Wiawso in the Western Region of Ghana at around 2: 00 pm on October 5th, 2022.

According to a post by GhanaWeb, the deceased man who goes by the name of Bulley had been aggressively hit with a stick on his head by his friend, Azuley after they were fighting over a dead goat that was found and given to them by their close neighbor.

According to some sources, the two friends had gone searching for some bush meat to eat. While they were on their way back, their neighbor said he found a dead goat on his farm, and since he wasn’ t interested in it, he decided to give it to Buley and Azulay.

So the two friends cooked the dead goat and prepared some okra stew. However, when they were done cooking, Ashley shared the meat between the two of them but Buley wasn’ t happy because he said he was cheated because the meat Azuley gave him was very small. Due to this, they got into a heated argument and Buley poured all the food on the ground.

So they got into a fight and started exchanging blows, but their neighbors intervened and managed to separate them. So the two of them went to their separate homes.

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