Watch As Wike Removes Celestine Omehia’s Picture From Government House (Video)

Video of Governor Nyesom Wike removing Sir Celestine Omehia’s picture from Government House and explaining why Omehia was derecognised as a former governor.

Governor Wike removes Sir Celestine Omehia’s picture and signs the order. He thanks the Speaker of the House of Assembly and his colleagues.

He says that he received the resolution of the House the previous day and he reminds everybody that his predecessor, His Excellency Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi did not recognise Omehia as a former governor. He then says that when he came on board, the House of Assembly decided that Celestine Omehia should enjoy the status of a former governor. He says that he has never disrespected the resolutions of the House of Assembly and so he complied.

He said that the Assembly said (the previous day) that they now have better facts. He says that the facts are that the Supreme Court ruled that Sir Celestine Omehia was never governor of Rivers State because he never stood for any election.

He said that the Assembly decided to protect its legacy by doing the right thing. He said that in this country people will praise you when you do what they like, but they won’t praise you when you do the uncommon thing. He said that many people will bring in politics, but he doesn’t mind. He said that the hallmark of leadership is correcting a wrong thing that was done.

He said that he called the attorney general of the state when he got the resolution and the attorney general said that the House of Assembly had no power to overrule the Supreme Court and declare Omehia a former governor.

He said that he saw on AIT that they said that Omehia was his ally, but now he is a member of PDP Presidential Campaign Council. He asks what has that got to do with the House of Assembly doing the right thing.

He said that if this had not happened, nobody would have known that such a huge amount of benefit was paid to the former governor. He said that he was sure that they had said that no benefit was paid, but yesterday everybody discovered that the benefits were actually paid.

He said that he doesn’t give a damn about what anybody says because in politics anybody can say anything.
Political rallies in public schools

He also announces that political parties would not be allowed to have their rallies in public schools without approval of the commissioner of education. He says that there are often fights and violence at political rallies and that they could destroy school property and therefore he is taking this measure to protect the schools. He said that he would be blamed if school property was destroyed and he wants to prevent that.

He says that you have to apply 2 weeks ahead of any rally in a school and you must pay 2 million naira in case anything is destroyed. He said that government will not pay for any repairs and therefore the party must pay for the repairs. He said that the order applies to all political parties.

He also said that any local government chairman or commissioner can stop any rally that doesn’t have permission.

He said that no rally will be held while school is in session.

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