WATCH: Sad Video Of Ghanaian Man Begging For Coins In America Goes Viral

A very sad video of a Ghanaian man begging for some small money in America has recently gone viral on the internet and it seems many people are talking about it. From the video, you can see that the poor Ghanaian junkie approached another fellow Ghanaian man and begged him to give him some $10 to buy some food and clothes. The link to the full video will be shown below for you to take a look and see.

The video was first posted on TikTok and it currently has over 150, 000 views alone and currently has over 10 thousand likes on the platform.

From the video, you’ ll see a man who was very dirty wearing rags approach another man and introduce himself as Joe. After telling him his name, you could hear that they were speaking Twi and he later asked him to please borrow him some $10. The man then removed the $10 from his pocket and gave it to him out of pity. Immediately after he gave it to him, another man was also passing by and he also gave him something small for food.

However after the man gave him the money, he asked him why his life has become miserable. He then replied and told him that he comes from the Bono Ahafo Region in Ghana He said he left his family in 2019 and told them that he was coming to the United States to make money and send some to them in Ghana.

But unfortunately, after he arrived in the United States, he started drinking a lot of alcohol and doing drugs. Due to this, he was sacked from a restaurant where he used to work at and since he didn’ t have any money to pay for his rent, the landlord evicted him and sacked him. What do you think about this?

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